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Can You Find Your Problem In This List? 

  1. Aggression towards humans or other dogs.

  2. House soiling or difficulty with house training.

  3. Excessive or inappropriate barking.

  4. Pulling on the leash during walks.

  5. Destruction of furniture or belongings.

  6. Anxiety or fear of specific situations or objects.

  7. Disobedience or failure to respond to commands.

  8. Hyperactivity or difficulty settling down.

  9. Separation anxiety or trouble being alone at home.

  10. Possessive behavior over possessions or food.

  11. Dominance issues or attempts to dominate other dogs or people.

  12. Fear of noises such as thunder or fireworks.

  13. Unwanted chasing behavior towards other animals.

  14. Nervousness or insecurity in new environments or situations.

  15. Problems socializing with other dogs or people.

  16. Biting or snapping at humans or other animals.

  17. Excessive licking or itching.

  18. Difficulty with training or learning new skills.

  19. Food-related issues, such as food aggression or selective eating.

  20. Discomfort or aggression during touch or handling.

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