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Lazy Brown Dog
Transforming Relationships Between Dogs and Their Families!

AJ-DOGS: Beyond Controlled Environments - Real Results in Real-Life Dog Training

Areg Jamalyan

Our Services

Booking Assurance: Booking our services is entirely free of charge. You have the flexibility to cancel anytime without any penalties. For private sessions, payments are made only after each session is completed. Your convenience and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Free Phone Consultation

Unsure about where to start? Let's talk! Our free phone consultation provides you with insights into your dog's behavior and how we can assist. It's the perfect opportunity to understand your dog's needs and how we can address them together.

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Private Sessions

Dive deep into behavior modification with our one-on-one sessions. Whether it's barking, aggression, or separation anxiety, our private sessions are tailored to address specific challenges, ensuring a happier, well-behaved pet.


Why Choose AJ-DOGS?

Every dog is unique, with its own set of behaviors and challenges. At AJ-DOGS, we don't just train your dog; we empower you with the knowledge and tools to foster a deep, understanding connection with your furry friend. Our tailored approach ensures that both you and your dog thrive together.

Dog Owners

Reviews From Our Customers


I have a five-year-old Vizsla and I contacted Areg to help me define a safe space for my dog and 6 months old baby to interact. He recommended a few things to change in the way we were interacting with the dog and it helped already from the first day.


Moreover, Areg helped with changing the approach to daily leashed walks to avoid excessive pulling. Areg is very competent, calm, and gives a very good vibe to both humans and dogs. He is very fast in replying and giving prompt indications on the phone. I am very happy with our interactions :)

Ivano Castelli

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Every dog deserves understanding and love. With AJ-DOGS, you're not just getting a service; you're joining a community dedicated to enhancing the bond between dogs and their families.

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