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AJ-DOGS is where both dogs and their owners learn. Founded by Areg Jamalyan, we recognize the individual needs of each dog. Through practical training sessions, we teach dogs obedience and good behavior. For owners, we offer guidance on understanding dog signals, effective communication, and consistent training techniques. Our approach ensures that dogs listen and respond, while owners feel confident and informed.

Join AJ-DOGS and discover the art of effective dog training and ownership.

Our services range from insightful free phone consultations to intensive private sessions addressing specific behavioral challenges. But beyond these services, we aim to empower dog owners. We equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to understand and connect with your furry friend on a deeper level. This understanding fosters a harmonious and fulfilling relationship, ensuring that both you and your dog thrive together.

Join us on this journey of understanding, love, and mutual respect. With AJ-DOGS, you're not just getting a service; you're becoming a part of a community dedicated to enhancing the bond between dogs and their families.

Our Services

Don't let behavioural issues strain your relationship. Contact us today for personalized sessions and create a harmonious environment with your well-behaved dog.

Private Session

Free Phone Consultation

Prepaid Bundle Offers

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