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Enhancing the Bond Between Dogs and Owners

Solutions for Dog Behavior Problems and Expert Puppy Training Guidance

Areg Jamalyan

Dog Behaviorist


Transforming canine challenges into harmonious relationships. Schedule your free consultation today!

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Why Choose AJ-DOGS?

Expertise: With our experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to address your dog's unique challenges.

Our consultations, both over the phone and via email, are always free of charge.

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Hear from People We have Helped


I have a five-year-old Vizsla and I contacted Areg to help me define a safe space for my dog and 6 months old baby to interact. He recommended a few things to change in the way we were interacting with the dog and it helped already from the first day.


Moreover, Areg helped with changing the approach to daily leashed walks to avoid excessive pulling. Areg is very competent, calm, and gives a very good vibe to both humans and dogs. He is very fast in replying and giving prompt indications on the phone. I am very happy with our interactions :)

Ivano Castelli

Leash Walking and Excitement

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